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Ambulance Long Service Awards 2017
Ambulance Staff Recognised for over 600 Years Long Service and Good Conduct
26 July 2017

Ambulance staff past and present, with a collective record of over 600 years’ service to the NHS, were recognised in a ceremony at Lakeside Hotel, Wootton Bridge on Thursday 20th July 2017.

The Lord Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight Lord Lieutenant Maj Gen Martin White CB CBE JP, along with Isle of Wight NHS Trust Interim Chief Executive Officer Maggie Oldham, presented the awards.

Sixteen (16) staff, who were able to attend, received the Long Service and Good Conduct medal. The medal is a long service medal of the United Kingdom established in 1995 and is awarded to members serving on emergency duty for 20 years or more. It is only awarded to ambulance technicians, paramedics and ambulance officers. Ambulance service officers must have served at least seven years on emergency duty.

Two other staff (call handlers/dispatchers) within the ambulance service received a glass plaque engraved with the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service crest to honour their long service.

Alison Ball, commenced in the Ambulance Service in 1989 helping to transport patients and has progressed to her current position as an Emergency Care Practitioner. She’s worked in the emergency services for 28 years. Speaking to Isle of Wight Radio Ali said she’s seen a number of improvements over the years: “There have been a lot of changes. We’ve gone from basic ambulance aid to quite extensive treatment. When we go to emergency situations we’ve got more skills now to improve a patient’s care before they reach the hospital.”   Ali added that it’s been a fulfilling career saying: “I’ve given a lot to the ambulance service but I’ve also got a lot of pleasure back from working. I’ve met a huge amount of lovely people and I’ve got some lovely friends from working in the service.”

Chris Smith, Head of Ambulance and Clinical Director for Ambulance, Urgent Care and Community Services at Isle of Wight NHS Trust said: “This is a fantastic achievement showing the dedication and loyalty of staff, recognition which is long overdue. Some of the incidents these staff have attended have been difficult to talk about so I’m pleased that we have been able to recognise their service in this way.”    

Also speaking to Isle of Wight Radio, Paramedic Louise Richards said: “I’ve been present to help bring life into the world and also as people leave our world. It’s been a real privilege to have worked for the Ambulance service even in the difficult times.”

Those recognised who were able to attend the ceremony and their start date with the NHS were:

  • Christine Martin2 - 31/03/1997*
  • Darron Howard1 - 01/08/1996
  • Andy Martindale1 - 04/06/1994
  • Nicholas Groocock1 - 22/05/1992
  • Rachael Berry1 - 07/02/1992
  • Michelle Cassell2 - 25/11/1991
  • Linda Harbour1 - 19/10/1991
  • Louise Richards1 - 28/08/1991
  • Amanda Trigg1 - 01/02/1991
  • Kate Elkington1 - 19/08/1988*
  • Steven Goodchild1 - 19/01/1990
  • Colette Hayward1 - 30/08/1989
  • Alison Ball1 - 19/01/1989
  • Paul Cassford1 - 02/05/1988
  • David Arnold1 - 13/10/1987
  • Paul Tomlinson1 - 07/07/1986*
  • Teresa Pollard1 - 04/04/1986
  • Shaun Carter1 - 21/03/1986

*Date amended from printed programme

Those unable to attend were:

  • Alistair Drover1 - 01/04/1996
  • Andrew Jones1 - 01/09/1995
  • Karen Venables2 - 01/02/1994
  • Christine Evans1 - 19/06/1992
  • Paul Ruszczyk1 - 01/04/1992
  • Richard Price1 - 07/02/1992
  • Graham Turner1 - 07/02/1992
  • Lisa Thorpe1 - 13/09/1991

1 Medal recipients

2 Glassware recipients

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