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Libraries Week 2017
It’s Libraries Week and our fantastic Library staff have some great advice
10 October 2017

The 9th to 14th October is national Libraries Week and a great opportunity to recognise the power of reading.    The Oliveira Library in the Education Centre at St. Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight supports NHS and social care staff, but can also offer limited help to patients or members of the public.

Jennifer Moth, Clinical Outreach Librarian says: “It’s important to recognise that not all sources of information are accurate or trustworthy so always be aware of where you are getting your health advice from. Here at the Oliveira Library we’ve prepared some useful guides for both staff and Islanders.”

How to Find Good Health Information

Here is our how-to guide on what to look out for when searching for information on your health, particularly online.

Resources for the Public

The Internet can be a great place to access information regarding your health, however it is important to remember that not all the information available online is good information. Good starting points for reputable information include the following web sites:

See our Open Access Electronic Resources page for further information about public resources. 

Books for Health

Books and other printed materials are another great way to find out more about certain conditions and how to maintain good health.

The Reading Agency recommend the following selection of self-help books.

Personal Visits Patients and members of the public may visit the library in working hours (9 - 5, Monday - Friday) and browse our print collection. Loans and other services are available at a cost with a subscription. Library staff will also be on hand to assist with any general enquiries that we can.

You can follow the Oliveria Library on Twitter @IOWNHSLibrary.

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