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NHS support for people at risk of overdose
14 November 2017

The Island Recovery Integrated Service (IRIS) is now prescribing overdose prevention kits to people who are at high risk of an opioid overdose.

Naloxone is a medication that is used to temporarily and rapidly reverse the effects of opioid drugs like heroin, methadone and codeine. The kits can be supplied, with written consent, to the friends or family of someone identified at risk in order to give overdose reversal at a crucial time.

So far this year I00 Prenoxad Injection kits have been prescribed to help save lives. Rob Hayward the Trust’s ‘Naloxone Champion’ said: “Most drug overdose deaths occur in the company of others and up to three-quarter of overdoses are witnessed by others so prescribing these kits gives family members and friends peace of mind knowing they have a much higher rate of survival if the kit is used.

“We have prescribed over a hundred kits to islanders who are deemed at high risk of overdose. The kit is easy to use and includes a pre-filled syringe and needles. Other areas have seen real success with this initiative which is helping to save lives and enabling us to continue to help and support people on their road to recovery.”

A service user (who wishes to remain anonymous) said:I hope I never have to use naloxone, but if I am in a situation again where I do I am glad I have the kit and the knowledge around using it correctly.” The partner of the service user added: “This kit saved his life.”

The Island Recovery Integrated Service (IRIS) is provided by the IOW NHS Trust and is accessible from locations across the Island.   You can find out more about services at http://www.iow.nhs.uk/our-services/mental-health-services/drug-and-alcohol/drug-and-alcohol-services.htm.  

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