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“PAINTINGS” by Sarah Gladdish
14 March 2017

An exhibition of paintings inspired by the landscape of the Isle of Wight is being held at the Full Circle, St. Mary’s Hospital. 

Dr Sarah Gladdish, a Consultant Physician in care for the elderly is inspired by the coastline as well as the views in the different seasons of the fields and the Downs where she lives. These are a consistent theme in the exhibition. 

Sarah Gladdish came to the Island in 2004 and, with the encouragement of her family, has gradually developed her interests in creating paintings, drawings and textile works. Commenting on her paintings, Sarah Gladdish said: “I have always enjoyed painting, drawing and crafting. The increasingly easy access to good acrylic paint and big canvasses has made it easier for me to experiment and eventually I found that I liked the slightly unpredictable effect of using a palette knife and a lot of paint.

“I am constantly inspired by the huge skies visible from the coast and from the top of the Downs. Trying to capture the colours, cloud shapes and a sense of movement is a constant challenge which I would like to continue. 

“Some of the pictures start with an image different to the final one but I find that the original colours and shapes come through into the new image and add texture. I will often start a painting and after a few hours reach a point where the effect seems a bit flat and still; so I leave it sitting next to a wall for a few days or weeks whilst I keep looking at it and trying to work out what else I want to add.” 

Speaking about the latest exhibition, Guy Eades, Healing Arts Director, said: “We aim to put on regular exhibitions at Full Circle of artworks by both Trust staff members and persons receiving the Trust healthcare services. These artworks by Sarah Gladdish with her bold sense of colour brings a sense of the outdoors, nature, weather, and Island seascapes into the heart of St. Mary’s Hospital for visitors to enjoy. Enquiries about holding future exhibitions are very welcome. Contact: healingarts@iow.nhs.uk 01983 534253. 

The exhibition continues until the end of June.

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