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Patients and staff benefit from charitable donations totalling £425,000 in 2015/16
15 February 2017

Information on how donations and legacies have been used to make a difference to patients and NHS staff on the Island has been published. 

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust Charitable Funds Annual Report and Accounts 2015/16 reports on all donations and legacies made to the Trust. The funds, overseen by the Corporate Trustee, are used in accordance with the donors wishes whilst ensuring patients and staff receive the maximum benefits. 

During the year, a total of £639k was received into Charitable Funds including £192k from legacies. Funds to the total of £425k has been made available to support a wide range of charitable and health related activities directly benefiting both patients and staff. Some of these include improvements to the Diagnostic Imaging Waiting Room, the purchase of cold caps to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy, gardening furniture for the Stroke Unit outdoor area and complimentary therapies for breast care patients. 

Funds were also used to support educational and training materials, all helping to further the knowledge and experience of a wide range of clinical staff. 

Dr Nina Moorman, Trust Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Charitable Funds Committee, said: “We are always bowled over by the generosity of Islanders. On behalf of the patients and staff who have benefited from improved services and facilities due to donations and legacies, the Trust as Corporate Trustee would like to say a huge thank you to all patients, relatives and staff who have made generous, charitable donations. Every single penny helps us to provide those extras which are not automatically funded by the NHS and which enhance the care we give. We are incredibly grateful for this support.” 

The Charitable Funds Committee work in partnership with the Friends of St. Mary’s to maximise fundraising opportunities and are grateful to the Friends for funding of £51k to purchase items such as a portable ultrasound bladder scanner for the District Nursing Service, battery powered wheelchairs, vital signs monitors for the Medical Assessment Unit, works carried out to the shop at Ryde Community Clinic and various smaller items for other clinical departments. 

Anyone wishing to make a donation or leave a legacy to the Isle of Wight NHS Trust can complete a donation form which is available from the Cashiers Office, St. Mary’s Hospital. All cash donations must be paid into the Cashiers Office, Level A, St. Mary’s Hospital. You can also donate online through ‘Just Giving’ at the website www.justgiving.com/iow-nhs. 

The Trust welcomes approaches from businesses and organisations who want to work with the Trust. This can take the form of raising money or donating time.

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