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Lateral Flow Testing

It has been great for all NHS workers and our community to have access to lateral flow testing.

 Being able to act more quickly to prevent the spread of the virus, lateral flow tests offer a rapid turnaround that can process swabs for COVID-19 without the need for laboratory equipment.

 The test itself is quick and relatively easy to use, but we strongly urge everyone to watch the NHS Learning Hub tutorial all the way through before commencing the self-swab process. This will help to ensure the tests are carried out correctly, and the results are as accurate and reliable as possible.

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The process for how to request a kit and submit results has changed. 

This applies to all staff that want to request their first initial test kit and those that already have a kit and are running low with only 2 weeks’ worth of tests left.

This applies to all staff that received a kit in January/February 2021 and therefore require another kit in May/June 2021.

This applies to all staff recording results.

What has changed?

Staff are now required to visit the Trust's new PathEKS portal where you can use the site to: 

  1. Register to receive a new COVID-19 Lateral Flow Testing kit and submit results
  2. Register to submit results from a kit they already have

Staff can also access the site via QR codes located around the Trust and can use PathEKS on any PC or mobile device.

The system has been piloted successfully across various NHS trusts for several months, and was designed in house by East Kent NHS, to offer a more efficient and effective way to distribute, record and collate data for national statistical compliance. The Isle of Wight NHS Trust acquired use of it in mid April 2021 and Occupational Health is leading the way in its initial use for Lateral Flow Testing and then again for the Flu campaign, later this year.

How to request a kit?

All staff must register on the PathEKS portal before being able to receive their kit. Staff can use their email to register but in circumstances where this is not possible, then a personal alternative email can be used. Staff can also register a mobile number to this account to receive notifications.  

Once registered, you will be advised to attend Occupational Health during specific times only, due to limited staffing, additional priority OH clinics being held, and in line with practicing COVID safe and social distancing measures. Kits will not be available for collection or distribution outside of these specific times, but this is subject to change.

Upon collection, kits will be assigned to their PathEKS registration and issued on an individual basis only.

Your twice weekly recording of test results can be uploaded via this site and notifications will be sent as prompts to aid compliance.

Please read the PathEKS registration guide for assistance with the registration process.

Once collected, what will it involve?

Staff will be asked to test themselves twice weekly every three to four days to fit with their shift patterns and leave requirements, for example, Wednesday and Sunday or Monday and Thursday.

For further help view the Staff User Guide.

 With the new kit I have just received, how do I record the results of the test?

 Every time a test is taken, whether the test is positive, negative, or void, you can upload the results directly to your PathEKS account and notifications will be sent as prompts to aid compliance.

If you test positive then you will receive further signposting from PathEKS informing you to arrange a more accurate PCR test. During this period (and until results have been confirmed) you must follow government guidelines and self-isolate. You must inform your manager immediately.

I have already collected a kit and I have been uploading my results to the Trusts website as previously instructed. Do I still need to do this?

No. The information on this webpage has been updated with the new process. You will now submit your results using the PathEKS portal, where you you will need to register first.

As part of the registration process you will be given the option to upload the test you have just taken. This method will allocate your registration and allow you to continue uploading future results from this kit, until you require another one.

Remember, if you have a positive LFT test result, please do the following:

  1. Arrange a PCR test
  2. Stay at home and do not come into work
  3. Contact your Line Manager

Unsure on your privacy rights then view the Staff Privacy Notice.

More information about these tests is available on the NHS website including:

If you have questions that cannot be answered through the FAQs and guide, please email the Lateral Flow Staff Self-Test helpdesk via: 

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