Facilities & Shops

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our shops are currently closed. 

Post and Personal Mail

A Royal Mail post box is available in the main reception of the hospital.  The healthcare staff can make sure your letters are posted and there is a daily collection.  If you find it difficult to write your own letters, please ask a member of the healthcare team to help you.

We will see that your personal mail reaches you promptly.  It would be helpful if all mail is addressed to you using your first name and surname, plus the name of your ward.

Money and valuables

Bedside lockers are provided for your personal belongings.  They are not suitable for valuables however, we suggest that you bring a small amount of money for daily papers and other supplies.

Any valuables that you cannot avoid bringing with you should be placed in the hospital safe.  The hospital cannot be held responsible for the loss of valuables that are not handed in for safe-keeping.

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