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Falls Prevention

Sustaining a fall is something that can happen to any person of any age and usually occurs accidentally for example when playing sport or slipping on mud.  However as people grow older, it is not unusual for a fall to happen whilst the person is participating in a much lower risk activity such as walking around the home or standing up from a chair.  Such falls must be taken extremely seriously as they can frequently lead to injury, a loss of confidence or worries about the person’s independence.  It’s important to be aware that falls of this nature are usually linked to an underlying health condition and are not a natural part of ageing. 

The positive news is that there are plenty of simple things we can do to look after our health and enable us to stay steady and safe. 

Look after yourself

Eating well, keeping active and taking care of your mental health are all important aspects of self-care and will support health and wellbeing in later life.  For further information go to Live Well - NHS (

If you have had a fall or are worried about your balance or any other aspects of your health, please speak to your GP or health care professional. They may want to check some of your readings such as your blood pressure or request a blood test or review your medications.    

To keep you safe, view each of the sections below for further information to help prevent falls.



Home hazards


Keeping active



Pendant alarms


What other services are available?

What to do if you fall?

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