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Looking after the health of your eyes is essential throughout life.  An eye test is the most effective way of picking up early signs of an underlying eye condition such as glaucoma or cataracts.  An eye test will also detect any need for prescription glasses to assist with reading or distance vision.  As we age we rely more heavily on our vision to maintain our balance.  Here are some simple suggestions to maximise your vision:

  • Keep up to date with your eye tests as not only will this check your near and distance vision, it is also a great way of checking the health of your eyes.
  • Eyes should be tested every 2 years. Eye tests for the over 60’s are free.
  • Keep your glasses as clean as possible – dirty glasses can be as bad as having cataracts which blur your vision.
  • Wear the right glasses for the right task.
  • Take care when moving around with varifocals and bifocals.
  • Your balance will be maximised when you can see clearly. Many falls occur during the night as a result of walking around in the dark.  Switch your lights on so you can see clearly when moving about.
  • Many opticians will offer eye tests at home if leaving the home is a barrier to getting an eye test.

 For information about free eye tests go to Free NHS eye tests and optical vouchers - NHS (

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