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What to do if you fall

Having a fall can come as a complete shock to the system.  If you do fall over unexpectedly, you will need to take a few moments to work out where you are, whether you have injured yourself and to plan what you want to do next. 

If you’re not injured and you feel strong enough to get up, you may wish to try getting up off the floor.  Try rolling onto your hands and knees and crawl across to a sturdy piece of furniture, or the bottom of the stairs, to lever yourself up.  Don’t get up too quickly as you may feel slightly dizzy or woozy.  Sit down and rest before carrying on with anything else.

If you have inured yourself, or you are stuck on the floor, you need to call for help NOW.  If you have a pendant alarm, use that to call for help.  If you don’t have a pendant alarm but have someone with you, ask them to call 111/999 on your behalf.  Ask them to find you extra blankets or clothing to keep you warm whilst you are waiting for the ambulance to arrive.  If you are not injured, try to move on the floor by rolling from side to side every half hour or so to boost your circulation. 

If you don’t have anyone with you, try calling for help by banging the floor or wall for attention, and shout as loudly as you can. If you have a phone with you, or are close enough to reach one, dial 111/999.  If you can reach any warm clothing, try to pull it over yourself. 

Always tell your GP after a fall so that he/she is aware that this has happened.  Your GP may wish to examine you to check your general health or to check that any medicines you are taking are correct. 

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