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Car parking

From Monday 3 October, new car parking charges have been introduced.

The new parking tariff is as follows: 

  • Up to 1 hour              £1.50 
  • 1 to 2 hours               £2.00 
  • 2 to 3 hours               £3.00 
  • 3 to 4 hours               £4.00 
  • 4 to 6 hours               £5.00
  • 6 to 24 hours             £7.00

Read our news story to find out why these new charges have been introduced.

The Trust operates an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) in some of its car parking areas.

We have included some answers to questions that have been asked further down this page.

Reduced rate parking for visitors of long term inpatients

Concessionary parking for visitors of inpatients after 7 days
Regular and frequent visitors of a patient who has been in hospital for the past seven days and remains an inpatient, is eligible to park at the concessionary rate of £1.50 per day. This concession is authorised by the Ward Manager.

Free parking for visitors after 14 days
Visitors of patients who have been in hospital for 14 days or more and remains an inpatient and are visiting more than 4 times per week are eligible for FREE parking for up to four weeks.

Blue Badge drivers (Blue Badge holders)
Blue badge holders, attending hospital as a patient or visitor, simply should present their blue badge and registration details to the Main Reception who will register their vehicle as being able to park for free. Blue badge users can also go to the APCOA Blue badge portal and register their details as per the application form to receive free parking

Parking for outpatient appointments
Patients that have two or more outpatient appointments per week, for four consecutive weeks or more, are eligible for concessionary parking during their treatment. Please speak to a member of the ward nursing team or a member of our car parking team at the Security/Parking office, located in the south main car park.

Car Parking and Road Traffic Management at St. Mary’s Hospital - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I still be able to enter via the main entrance from the Medina Way duel carriage way and exit onto Dodnor Lane?
    A barrier is in place outside the South Block (old Workhouse) which will automatically rise if the vehicle’s number plate is recognised and you are authorised to travel through the barrier. This means that the vast majority of vehicles entering the St. Mary’s Hospital site will not be able get through the barrier.  Those that will be able to get through include ambulance and patient transport vehicles, Estates operational vehicles and ‘pool’ cars owned by the Trust.  
  2. Will drop off areas be affected?
    During the upcoming building works the Drop off bays will be relocated in the Main entrance car park, this is an ANPR camera and the drop off only bays will be limited to 30 Minutes only.
  3. What happens if I am visiting two parts of the site which are separated by the barrier?
    Depending on the part of the site you are visiting you may need to leave the site via the main entrance onto Medina Way and re-enter from Dodnor Lane or vice versa. 
  4. Are blue badge / disabled concessions affected?
    Whilst holders of blue badges or those entitled to disabled concessions will not be able to automatically pass through the barrier there are currently no plans to change the arrangements for disabled parking on the St. Mary’s site.
    * Blue badge holders are not affected by ANPR because disabled car parking concession is applicable on site and the The Trust has allocated an additional 5 disabled bays inside the South Main car park. The move of spaces from the ANPR controlled areas to areas closer to entrances will improve accessibility for those with blue badges.
  5. Which areas will Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) apply to?
    We are introducing ANPR technology at the main patient and visitor car parks at the front of the hospital and at the North Entrance adjacent to Maternity / Coronary Care Unit (CCU). In addition ANPR will control the barrier that will be installed outside the South Block (old Workhouse).  ANPR will not record your vehicle as you enter the site or leave it from any of the entrances and exits.   The car park at the main entrance will be operational from 06:00 on Tuesday 2nd January.   The system will be introduced at a later date in the car park adjacent to the North entrance.  [Updated 1/1/18].
  6. Are parking charges staying the same?
    Our parking charges are very reasonable compared to other car park providers on the Island and mainland. We have no plans to increase charges or charge for disabled parking but these issues are kept constantly under review.
  7. What will happen when I drop off children at the YMCA nursery? Will I be charged?
    Arrangements have been made with the nursery for this. Parents and those caring for children who use the nursery should be unaffected by these changes. The ANPR system allows a reasonable period of time for people to drop off and collect their children and the system will not be operational in this are until a later date to be advised. 
  8. Is ANPR an infringement of my privacy?
    ANPR is simply being introduced to improve our management of traffic and car parking on the St. Mary’s Hospital site. This is the only purpose for which collection of number plate data will be used.
  9. Can I pay by phone or an App on my phone?
    Yes. Details can be found on and next to the pay machines in the car parks. You can also call 0345 434 8008 and pay over the telephone. The location code for the St. Mary’s site is 2053. Details are also available at and you can download the app from the Apple App Store, the Windows Store and Google Play.
  10. Will ANPR recognise ‘mobility vehicles’?
    ANPR will search for the number plate on any vehicle. If the mobility vehicle has a number plate it will recognise that and register the number.  Mobility vehicles that do not have a number plate are not affected.  See question 4 for more information re Blue Badge holders.
  11. What happens if I can’t find a car parking space? Will I be charged?
    No, you don't get charged if you can't find a space to park but our advice is to contact the parking team - there are call points in the car parks - and they can advise you where there may be parking spaces. The ANPR system allows a reasonable period of time for people to find a parking space.
  12. Where are the entrance and exit points for the site.
    There are four principal entrances/exits from the St. Mary’s Hospital site:
    - Main entrance from Medina Way
    - Entrance to Laidlaw Unit, Asthma/Allergy Clinic, Orthotics, Prosthetics, OT, Physio, etc. from Dodnor Lane (opposite ITS Tools) *
    Entrance to Sevenacres (past the Helipad) from Dodnor Lane
    *This is the only entrance/exit directly affected by the barrier.
  13. Why are you doing this?
    Patients and visitors have been asking us for ‘pay on exit’ and help points in the car parks. We also needed to improve safety on the St. Mary’s site because of its increasing use as a ‘rat run’ between Medina Way and Dodnor Lane.  We are also following good practice guidance issued by the Department of Health for the management of car parking.   We are replacing old worn out unreliable car parking machines.
  14. I am a voluntary car driver for OPTIO. Will I be affected?
    Voluntary car drivers who simply collect and drop off patients at the hospital will not be affected by these arrangements.
  15. What happens if my appointment over runs?   Why should I pay for the hospital’s inefficiency?
    There are processes in place to deal with concerns and complaints as and when they arise. Concerns should be raised with our parking contractors APCOA via or in person, via their onsite office near the main entrance patient and visitor car park.

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