2.3 Anti-arrhythmic drugs


NICE CG180 Atrial fibrillation (update)  June 14 
IOW CCG Anticoagulation in NVAF  May 15

2.3.2 Anti-arrhythmics

    AMIODARONE (Yellow) For patients on long-term amiodarone: Check thyroid and liver function tests every 6 months. Request a chest x-ray if dyspnoea, cough, or pleurisy develop 
    DISOPYRAMIDE (Yellow)      
    DRONEDARONE (Multaq) (Yellow)      
      NICE TA197   Atrial Fibrillation - Dronedarone Aug 10
      Drug Safety Update   Dronedarone new restrictions and monitoring requirements Oct 11
    FLECAINIDE (Yellow)      
    MAGNESIUM SULPHATE 50% inj      
    SOTALOL (Yellow)      
    VERAPAMIL (Yellow)      


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