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8.3 Sex Hormones & Antagonists in Malignant Disease

Chemotherapy drugs are frequently given in combination.

Disease specific protocols are approved at local and network level.

Only approved protocols should be used. All chemotherapy treatment decisions should be made by a consultant grade oncologist or haematologist, with input from the relevant multidisciplinary team.

Chemotherapy drugs, including oral therapies must be prescribed, dispensed and administered only by suitable trained staff.

Paediatric cancer therapies are initiated and prescribed from tertiary cancer centres. The exception is maintenance treatment for some cancers, which is prescribed by designated paediatricians only.

 8.3.2 Progestrogens 

   MEGESTROL (Yellow)

 8.3.4 Hormone antagonists Breast Cancer
   TAMOXIFEN (Yellow)
   EXEMESTANE (Yellow)
   LETROZOLE (Yellow) Prostate cancer and gonadorelin analogues

 1st  TRIPTORELIN (Decapeptyl SR) (Yellow)
 2nd  GOSERELIN (Yellow)
 2nd  LEUPROPRELIN (Prostap) (Yellow) 
 2nd  BICALUTAMIDE (Yellow)
 2nd  BUSERELIN (Yellow)
 2nd  CYPROTERONE (Yellow)
 2nd  FLUTAMIDE (Yellow)
 2nd  STILBOESTROL (Yellow)
 2nd  DEGARELIX (Yellow) (Firmagon)
   ABIRATERONE (Zytiga) Somatostatin analogues
   OCTREOTIDE (Yellow)
   LANREOTIDE (Somatuline Autogel) (Yellow)


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