11.06 Treatment of Glaucoma

NICE Guidance Glaucoma

All glaucoma products must only be started by an Opthalmology Consultant - All products are YELLOW


   TIMOLOL eye drops & minims / TIMOPTOL L.A

Prostaglandin analogues 

   LATANOPROST (Yellow) (Xalatan)
   LATANOPROST UDVs Preservative free (Monopost)
   BIMATOPROST (Lumigan)
   BIMATOPROST UDVs Preservative free (Lumigan)
   TRAVOPROST (Travatan)
   TAFLUPROST (Saflutan)



Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and systemic drugs

   ACETAZOLAMIDE & SR formulation
   DORZOLAMIDE (Trusopt)
   DORZOLAMIDE/TIMOLOL (Cosopt includes unpreserved)


   PILOCARPINE 1,2, 4 % Minims


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