12.01 Drugs Acting on the Ear

 12.1.1 Otitis externa 

 Anti-inflammatory preparations

     BETAMETHASONE 0.1% Drops

  Anti-infective preparations (some contain an anti-inflammatory)

 1st    SOFRADEX oint/ear drops
     Use clotrimazole if fungal infection is suspected
 1st    OTOSPORIN Ear Drops  
 1st    CLOTRIMAZOLE 1% liq or cream 
 2nd    LOCORTEN VIOFORM Ear Drops
 2nd    OTOMIZE Aerosol
     CILODEX Ciprofloxacin 3mg/ml, dexamethasone 1mg (for perforated drums/grommets)

 12.1.2 Otitis Media

    See above. Do not use topical anti-infective for more than a week for otitis media

 12.1.3 Removal of ear wax

 1st    OLIVE OIL
 2nd    CERUMOL Ear Drops
 2nd    SODIUM BICARBONATE Ear Drops 5% 
 2nd    EXTEROL 
 3rd    EARCALM (2% acetic acid)
     EarCalm should be used more specifically for keratin debris removal


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