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12.02 Drugs acting on the Nose

 12.2.1 Drugs used in nasal allergy  

 1st    BECLOMETASONE DIPROPRIONATE aqueous nasal spray (Beconase) 
 2nd    MOMETASONE Nasal Spray (Nasonex) 
 3rd    BETAMETHASONE 0.1% drops 
 3rd    FLIXONASE nasules
     Mometasone and fluticasone should be used where beclometasone is ineffective in adults, nasal polyps, and discouraged in children.

 12.2.2 Topical nasal decongestants

 1st    SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.9%
 2nd    EPHEDRINE 0.5% AND 1% Nasal Drops / 0.1% Spray
 3rd    STERIMAR
     Ephedrine and xylometazoline may cause rebound congestion on withdrawl. Do not use for more than seven days in the case of ephedrine and fourteen days in the case of xylometazoline.

 12.2.3 Nasal preparations for infection and epistaxis

 1st    NASEPTIN cream 
 2nd    MUPIROCIN nasal ointment 2% (for MRSA only) 
 3rd    BIPP gauze
     Consider cost and drug resistance when prescribing
 Other preparations
     COCAINE HYD 4% in ADRENALINE Solution (for theatre use only)


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