13.01 Management of Skin Conditions

The vehicle used in topical preparations influences skin hydration, has a mild anti-inflammatory effect and facilitates penetration of the active component.

Creams are more cosmetically acceptable than ointments. Gels are suitable for application to the face and scalp while lotions are used for moist conditions and hairy areas. Ointments are much less likely to sensitise and are suitable for chronic dry lesions.

Possible contact sensitivity to preservatives or antiseptics is the reason for the range of topical agents.

Recommended prescribable quantities of creams and ointments for twice daily application for 1 week for adults:

Body area













15 to 30g



Face and neck



15 to 30g


Both hands


25 to 50g


15 to 30g




50 to 100g


15 to 30g


Both arms


100 to 200g


30 to 60g


Both legs


100 to 200g










Groins and genitalia


15 to 25g


15 to 30g


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