13.8 Sunscreens and camouflagers

13.8.1 Sunscreening preparations

Recommend OTC purchases if clinically needed

1st        UVISTAT cream (SPF 30 or 50) 

Sunscreens with SPF>15 are prescribable for photosensitive skin disorders including genetic disorders, vitiligo, following radio-therapy, photo-aggravated rosacea, or recurrent herpes simplex labialis.

Tinted preparations are available for darker skins or patients with vitiligo.

Prescriptions should be endorsed "ACBS"


        FLUOROURACIL 5% cream (use for 2 weeks, 2 week break, then for a further 2 weeks) 
      FLUOROURACIL (Actikerall) 0.5% solution, with salicylic acid
      INGENOL MEBUTATE (Picato) gel (for isolated keratosis only)

13.8.2 Camouflagers

1st       DERMABLEND  

Camouflagers are prescribable for postoperative scars, other deformities, and as an adjunctive therapy for emotional disturbances due to disfiguring skin disease e.g vitiligo.

Prescriptions should be endorsed "ACBS"

Patients may be referred by dermatologists to GPs to the British Red Cross Camouflage Service (c/o Outpatient Sister, Dermatology Department, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh).


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