Getting Your Medicines Right

The green bag scheme aims to improve patient safety by giving healthcare staff accurate information on patients’ medicines, in particular ensuring that medicines prescribed on admission correspond to those that the patient was taking before admission. The accuracy of the information is supported by the safe transfer of patients’ medicines between care settings using the easily identifiable ‘My Medicines’ green bag.

Patients’ are being encouraged to take all their own medicines in their original containers in a green bag if they have to go into hospital, residential/care home or any healthcare environment including their community pharmacy when they have a medicines review.

The green medicines bags keep all the patients medicines together in a readily identifiable container. Patients are given the bag at discharge pre-admission assessment, with their appointment letter and on discharge; for emergency admissions, the green bags are carried by ambulance staff who will collect all medicines from the patients’ home. Patients’ medicines will move through the care system in the green bag with the patient.

 The green bag scheme aims to improve patient safety and satisfaction by:

Giving healthcare staff accurate information on all patients medicines;

Enabling patient’s to maintain familiarity with their own medicines;

Helping avoid delays in administration and discharge as the patient’s own medicines stay with the patient throughout;

Provides a bag for keeping medicines related information in, for example a repeat prescription;

Improving communication of medicines changes to care providers;

Reduction in the resupply of medicines (as patients’ will already have their own) so helping to eliminate waste and save money.


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