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Pressure Ulcer Prevention Campaign

Islandwide Pressure Ulcer Prevention Campaign

Pressure ulcers are largely avoidable areas of skin damage, which if not avoided, cause pain and distress to the people who develop them. The Trust alongside other organisations on the Island are committed to eliminating all avoidable pressure ulcers in every setting. We need everyone’s help to understand this problem and improve vulnerable people’s risk of developing these ulcers.

Pressure ulcers are areas of skin damage mostly caused by sitting or lying too long in one position. They can also be caused by the pressure of devices such as bandages, splints, or masks which are applied to people’s skin and then left there for long periods of time. When the pressure is too much or too long, the skin is robbed of nutrients and then in some cases it can die.

Pressure ulcers cause pain and distress, they can be smelly and lead to people being home bound and/or bed bound. In severe cases they can be the cause of people needing admission to hospital for serious illness.

Pressure ulcers are largely avoidable through people keeping moving, eating and drinking sensibly, and getting appropriate professionals to check out any areas of skin damage that you may be concerned about.

Please look at the resources attached to this page, and look at what you can do to support this really important initiative which will improve people’s lives by avoiding these painful and distressing wounds.

For further information, please contact:
Glenn Smith, Clinical Nurse Specialist for Nutrition and Tissue Viability
Telephone: (01983) 552154 or email:

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