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360 Feedback – The Healthcare Leadership Model Appraisal Hub

What is the Healthcare Leadership Model Appraisal Hub?

  • The Healthcare Leadership Model Appraisal Hub is an online, user friendly system for measuring and providing leaders in healthcare with feedback on their individual behaviour and performance.
  • The Hub enables you to complete a questionnaire based on the healthcare Leadership Model that evaluates your self-perception of your leadership behaviour in the workplace.
  • Individuals who have chosen to participate in the 360 questionnaire will also receive feedback from their ‘raters’; other people (Peers, Direct reports, Line manager and others) whom they have invited to provide observation and comment on their leadership performance and behaviour
  • The results are presented to you in a report which will be provided by an accredited facilitator as part of a dedicated feedback session
  • The report will give you an indication of your current leadership performance and behaviour as seen by yourself in comparison with your raters.
  • Through exploration of the report with your facilitator, you will gain a real insight into your areas of strengths and limitations and begin to construct a development plan from which to enhance your effectiveness as a leader
  • The information within the report is treated as confidential to you. However you may wish to share the report with others, for example members of your team, a coach or someone else who can help you interpret the results – but that is completely your own choice.

User Guides

NHS 360 Assessment User guide September 2016

NHS Rater Userguide- September 2016

NHS Self Assessment User guide September 2016

Reflective Learning Guide

How to request a 360?

If it has been identified to you by your Line manager to undertake 360 feedback then please email the Leadership team for further information and instruction. leadership@iow.nhs.uk

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