80-100% Mandatory Training Compliance

Section 6.4 of the Appraisal Policy specifies that, in the last 6 months prior to the appraisal meeting, the appraisee must evidence 80-100% compliance for at least one month during this period.

The Pro4 Online system is able to show evidence of this achievement , provided that the evidence is taken from the system AT THE TIME the 80-100% was achieved.

It is the responsibility of the individual staff member to print-off his/her level of compliance and present it to their respective line manager at the point of appraisal.

Managers are also able to monitor the level of mandatory training compliance within their teams in a similar way to individual staff members can. Both methods for doing this within Pro4 are detailed in the two links below:

Pro4 Online Compliance Evidencing (Staff Members)

Pro4 Online Compliance Evidencing Managers (Managers)

Should you encounter any problems with either of these two processes, please contact Stuart Inett on stuart.inett@iow.nhs.uk or ext 3180 

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