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Care Certificate

The Care Certificate is an identified set of standards that health and social care workers adhere to in their daily working life. Designed with the non-regulated workforce in mind, the Care Certificate gives everyone the confidence that workers have the same introductory skills, knowledge and behaviours to provide compassionate, safe and high quality care and support. This is an essential course for Health Care Support Workers who have been in The Trust since 2015 and is highly recommended as part of your CPD if you have worked for The Trust before that. It is also a valuable tool to undertake to enhance your career development.

The Care Certificate is based on 15 standards, all of which candidates need to complete in full before they can be awarded their certificate.

On completion of the 15 standards, your sign off sheet should include yourself, your mentor and your managers signature. This will need to be emailed to 

Care Certificate - 15 Standards

1. Understand your role

2. Your personal development

3. Duty of care

4. Equality and diversity

5. Work in a person centred way

6. Communication

7. Privacy and dignity

8. Fluids and nutrition

9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability

10. Safeguarding adults

11. Safeguarding children

12. Basic life support

13. Health and safety

14. Handling information

15. Infection prevention and control

Care Certificate - Supporting Documentation

Hand Hygiene

Catheter Care

Bowel Care & IPC

Taking Patient Observations

The Deteriorating Patient and National Early Warning Score (NEWS)

Pressure Ulcer and Moisture Lesion Prevention Plan

MUST Nutrition Assessment



Obesity Chart


Ulna Length Chart


The Assessor is the person responsible for making the decision on whether the Healthcare Support Worker or Adult Social Care Worker (HCSW/ASCW) has met the Standard set out in the Care Certificate.

In order to be an Assessor the person themselves must be competent in the standard they are assessing. For almost all assessors this will be by virtue of holding a qualification related to the role. However, this doesn't meant that in every case the same person is competent to assess every standard. For example it may be necessary to use a different assessor to assess Standard 12 – Basic Life Support to any of the other Standards.

Practice Education Facilitators

Samantha McKeown Ext 5410
Kelly Chandler Ext 5410 
Derek Bampton Ext 5410 

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