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Leadership Development Prospectus

(June – December 2019)

This organisation is committed to developing leaders who are able to work interdependently , have the behaviours to set an example to others ; possess the skills to deliver an effective, efficient and high quality service ; and can support their staff to provide a safe and excellent patient experience.

Please find below the following course programmes, training and diagnostic interventions;

Section 1 Core Leadership Development Programmes

Section 2 Supportive Development

Section 3 Diagnostic and Supportive Interventions



Section 1 Core Leadership Development Programmes


Senior Leaders Development Programme

This Monthly training programme is designed for Leaders and Mangers who report directly to an Executive Director. This course is booked on a nomination basis only.

Course content includes;

  • Compassionate Leadership behaviours
  • Team working & team development
  • Influencing
  • Human Factors Masterclass
  • Coaching
  • Conflict and Resilience
  • Strategic and Systems thinking
  • High performing teams
  • Using information effectively
  • Forum Theatre behaviours workshop ( dates tbc)
  • On-going support and coaching


Middle Leaders Development Programme

This development programme is for staff with people/financial responsibility. This course is booked on a nomination basis only. Individuals will be nominated by their line manager who should be attending the Senior Leader’s programme.

Course content includes;

  • Compassionate leadership, values and behaviours
  • Coaching skills for leaders
  • High performing teams
  • Using information effectively
  • Leading change
  • Forum Theatre behaviours workshop ( dates tbc)
  • Human Factors Masterclass



This programme is jointly facilitated by Training and Education teams for members of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and the Isle of Wight Council. This is designed for people in their first, or seeking their first, management position. It is also suitable for those who have never undertaken a management development programme before. It aims to give you the skills, knowledge and mindset of an inspirational and effective leader and manager, someone who leads by example and encapsulates the vision, values, behaviours and expectations of their organisation.

The course will include fundamentals of management & leadership, effective People management, developing yourself and your team.

Individuals should be nominated for a place on this programme by their manager who should themselves be attending the Middle Leader’s Development programme.



Section 2 Supportive Development


Fundamentals for personal growth at work ( previously Communication and Teamwork course - ‘CAT’)

Effective communication is a key interpersonal skill and learning how we can improve our communication has many benefits.

Regardless of your role, you need to be able to work well with others; this one day course introduces you to advanced communication skills to work effectively within your team.


Human Factors in Risk Management. 2 day Masterclass and 1 day Workshop

This training is delivered by facilitators either from or trained by the company Terema Ltd

Human Factors and team skills training will introduce the concept of Team Resource Management and use aviation examples to provide interest and illustrations that are non-threatening to healthcare professionals. Participants will be challenged to identify the parallels of their own working environment and to apply the ideas to their practice. Debate, personal examples and involvement will be encouraged.

Find the right course for you;

2 Day Masterclass available for all staff attending Senior leaders, Middle leader’s programmes and some individually identified departments

1 day Workshop available for all staff groups to attend.

Masterclass Objectives;

  • To introduce the concept of Human Factors
  • To introduce the vocabulary of Human Factors
  • To show the link between Human Factors and safety
  • To establish a link between effective team work and safety
  • To lay the foundation for the development of essential team skills


Challenging conversations


This half day course looks to enhance how to talk with your colleagues directly, effectively and supportively. This course aims to improve self-confidence and a positive mind-set.




Feeling the pressure and stresses of life can start taking its toll on our wellbeing and ability to cope.

This half day course examines what stress actually means and how it impacts on our life as well as recognising the signs of stress in ourselves and others.

We will look at ways to manage stress and how to achieve a work/life balance as well as relaxation strategies.




This course is essential for anyone who has responsibility for carrying out appraisals. This course is relevant of you new to conducting appraisals or would like an update regarding policy and process changes.

Learning outcomes include understanding the importance of a quality appraisal, clarity of the process, setting objectives, discussing and agreeing personal learning plans.



Coaching conversations levels 1, 2 & 3


Coaching Fundamentals—Level 1

The Competent Coach— Level 2

Advanced Coaching Skills—Level 3

There are many benefits of coaching conversations to both the organisation and employee. Coaching offers the opportunity to improve individual performance, set targets and goals as well as increase openness to personal learning and development. Coaching gives the individual the ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues and have greater ownership and responsibility as well as development of self-awareness.

Our coaching programmes give you the fundamental skills, models and techniques to be able to have effective coaching conversations; they do not qualify you as an accredited coach.   Highly recommended to those who undertake appraisals.


Personal Coaching for Staff

The Leadership Team along with a pool of other accredited trained coaches both within and external to the organisation, are able to offer professional one to one coaching to help you set goals and free yourself from issues that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.




Section 3 Diagnostic and Supportive Interventions


Additional support available:

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI assessment is an introspective self-report questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. When we understand others and raise our own self-awareness, we can build more effective relationships and efficient teams. Contact us to arrange to take the profiling test. This can also be undertaken as part of a team building workshop.

Healthcare Leadership Model 360 Feedback

This is an online system for measuring and providing leaders in healthcare with feedback on their individual behaviour and performance and evaluates your self-perception of your leadership behaviour in the workplace. You will gain a real insight into your areas of strengths and limitations and begin to construct a development plan from which to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

Emotions and Behaviours at work (EBW) Questionnaire, report and feedback.

This is an online questionnaire which produces a report, a trained facilitator will then feedback your report to you. This intervention raises our awareness regarding our impact upon others around us and which areas we may want to develop. It looks at 7 domains of Emotional Intelligence which include;

  • Decisiveness
  • Motivation
  • Influence
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy
  • Conscientiousness
  • Stress resilience


This intervention will be available by Dec 2019


Booking yourself

Log onto TMPro4 online.

Select Course Finder from the menu.

Type the name of the course or a keyword into the Course Name search box. (e.g. for Conflict Resolution you can type “Conflict” then click on Find courses).

Select the course from the list that you wish to book on by clicking Request a place on this course.

Type in a reason in the box and click Request Booking

Your request will be sent to Development &Training to confirm. You will receive an email to confirm your booking. When you next log into TMPro4 Online you will be able to see if the course was booked or rejected.


Booking a member of your team

Log onto TMPro4 online with your Line Manager log in. Select Course Finder from the menu.

Type the name of the course or a keyword into the Course Name search box (e.g. for Conflict Resolution you can type “Conflict”) or you can leave this blank and hit find courses to browse a full list of courses available to book through TMPro4 online.

Select the course from the list that you wish to book on by clicking Book delegates onto this course.

Tick the boxes of staff members you wish to book onto this event and select Request Booking.

The request will then be send to Development & Training for processing. When you next log into TMPro4 Online you will be able to see if the course was booked or rejected.



Jacqui Skeel  Associate Director for Organisational Development Ext 3249

Laura Moody  Leadership & Organisational Development (OD) Lead Ext 3424

Coral Andrews  Leadership Development Facilitator Ext: 5338

Lisa Garnham  Leadership Development Facilitator Ext: 5338

Karen Whiteley  Leadership Development Facilitator Ext: 5338

Katie Bond  Leadership Development Assistant Ext: 5340


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