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Fire Safety


Martin Keightley

Connie Wendes

David Bower

Target Audience:

All NHS staff

Course Length:

30 - 60 minutes

KSF Links:

Core 3: Health, Safety & Security

Booking Contact:

Part 1 - E-Learning (30 minutes) or combined part 1 & 2 can be taken during Clinical Training Day (60 minutes)

Part 2 - Practical sessions are available for bookings or you can attend the fire session on the Clinical Training Day

Tel: (01983) 822099 Ext: 5409


Follow on Activity:

Clinical based staff and/or high fire risk areas annual update of part 1 & 2. Non-clinical or low fire risk areas every 2 years.

Learning Outcomes:

Awareness of Trust policies in the event of fire.

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