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High Performing Leaders and Managers

For colleagues who have previously attended the High Performing Leaders and Managers Programme, this page is a resource for you to access the presentation slides and other useful links and articles related to leadership.


Presentation slides for those who have attended the High Performing Leaders and Managers programme: 

Change Management

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Useful Links and Documents

Description of a High Performing Leader

NHS Isle of Wight Leadership and Management Development Pathway

NHS Leadership Academy Programmes

Clinician to Chief Executive

Using Small Wins to Enhance Motivation

Sirota's Three-Factor Theory

Understanding People's Motivations

Skills Platform

Ward Leader's Handbook

Shifting Mindsets Around Performance Conversations

Talking about Potential - A guide to using the Maximising Potential Conversation Tool

Talking about Talent - A guide to using the Talent Management Conversation Tool


Leading People

The ability to notice the explicit or unspoken concerns of others with sufficient emotional resources and practical tools in one's repertoire, to proactively create a constructive and supportive climate and the capability to respond to situations and emotions requiring special care and attention. 

(NHS England 2014)


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