Leadership Conference 2019

On Friday 29 March 2019 the Isle of Wight NHS Trust held our first Leadership Conference with the theme ‘Compassionate Leadership in Health and Care on the Isle of Wight’. The nearly 300 delegates included employees from the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and other NHS organisations based in the South region.  There were also representatives from the wider health care services on the Island, HM Prison Service, charitable organisations, hospices, universities and colleges. 

The aim of the conference was to enable us to explore what compassionate leadership means for leaders and the impact it has on those using our services across health and care.  We were delighted to be joined on the day by four very prominent and engaging speakers; Peter Lees, Professor Michael West, Michael McGrath and Katy Steward.  All provoked much thought and insight, as well as sharing a wealth of their experiences, leaving everyone with something to take away from the day.

Following Michael McGrath's inspiring speech, delegates made a total donation of £435 to Michael's charity, The Muscle Help Foundation.

The day also provided our organisation with the opportunity to set out our refreshed Vision, Values and Behaviours; Compassionate, Team Working Improving, and Valued with CARE being the golden thread running through everything we do. 

 Some feedback received from delegates included;

'Wonderful warm welcome, real sense of your journey to good and outstanding .... best of luck.  Your honesty about your challenges have been refreshing and has resonated with me; I have seen and heard of your compassion, tenacity and resilience.  Well done IOW, keeping going.  Thank you for a great day.'

 'Thank you for an inspiring well organised learning day. I have felt welcomed from registering to attending then being here today.  I have felt empowered by the speakers and the work you are doing on the IOW and will be taking the learning back to my teams.  Thank you.'

 'I feel as if I am coming out of a dark tunnel towards the light. I feel inspired, motivated and energised to look for positive ways of making a difference.'

 'Fantastic day. Lots to go away and reflect.  Very inspirational speakers which have left me feeling motivated and re-energised.  Well done to the team for organising such a fab event.'

 'Very inspiring day, great to hear the speakers and take some of the thoughts, tools and learning back to share with colleagues. Great to celebrate the work we do on the IOW.'

 'I feel energised for our Trust’s journey from today’s inspirational speakers. Thank you.'

 'Thoroughly enjoyed the guest speakers. They were motivating and I feel I have gained some great ideas which I feel very enthusiastic about putting forward within my team.'

 'Very encouraging and inspiring, interesting and enjoyable. Gave me some good ideas to take away and work with.'

 'One of the best conferences I have attended. Totally inspirational as is our CEO Maggie.  Great venue and lunch.'



 Maggie Oldham - Presentation

Maggie Oldham, joined the Trust as interim Chief Executive in May 2017 and was appointed to the permanent role in December 2017.  Maggie commenced her career within the NHS as a nurse in 1983 and has a Master’s degree in Healthcare Law and Ethics, a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education.   Maggie is particularly experienced at supporting NHS Trusts that face significant challenges.  She joined the leadership team at Mid Staffordshire Hospital in 2010, after the care failures of 2007-9 came to light and became the Chief Executive of the Trust in 2013 having made significant improvements, and helped develop sustainable services for the Staffordshire area.  Maggie can be found on Twitter @ChiefExecIOWNHS


  Peter Lees

Peter Lees is the Chief Executive and Medical Director of the UK intercollegiate Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. Over 20 years, he combined a career in neurosurgery with senior roles in operational management and leadership development, this included experience at local, regional and national levels in global health. Formerly he was Medical Director, Director of Workforce and Education and Director of Leadership at NHS South Central Strategic Health Authority and Senior Lecturer in Neurosurgery at the University of Southampton. In 2017 Peter was appointed Honorary Visiting Professor at Cass Business School, City University, London.


   Prof. Michael West - Presentation

Professor West is Senior Fellow at the King’s Fund, London and Professor of Organisational Pychology at Lancaster University Management School. He is a visiting Professor at University College, Dublin and Emeritus Professor at Aston University where he was formally Executive Dean of Aston Business School. He has authored, edited or co-edited 20 books and published over 200 articles.

The focus of his research over 30 years has been culture and leadership in organisations, team and organizational innovation and effectiveness, particularly in relation to the organization of health services.

He provides regular policy advice to many national NHS organisations. He led the Department of Health Policy Research Programme into cultures of quality and safety in the NHS in England from 2009 to 2013. He also led the NHS National Staff Survey development and implementation for eight years and has built an unparalleled evidence base. He lectures widely both nationally and internationally about the results of his research and solutions for developing effective and innovative health care organizations.


   Michael Mcgrath - Presentation

After being diagnosed with the muscle wasting disease Muscular Dystrophy (MD) aged just 18yrs in 1984, Michael made history 20 years later by becoming the first disabled person to lead expeditions to the North and South Poles.

The journey gave rise to a new life plan, inspiring Michael to embark on a career as a sought after inspirational business speaker.

Leadership, courage and trust combined with resolute self-belief, confidence, teamwork and a singularly focused obsession towards achieving desired outcomes were critical success factors – Michael draws on these experiences, giving wider business and life lessons.

Michael also used his Arctic and Antarctic exploits as a launch pad for The Muscle Help Foundation (MHF), a multi award-winning national charity, rooted in family values, delivering transformational experiences in the UK, called Muscle Dreams for children with muscular dystrophy. Affectionately known as the ‘Chief Muscle Warrior’, Michael personally hosts the delivery of every experience.

“Michael McGrath is a phenomenon. He shares lessons in leadership, lessons in handling change, lessons in life, introducing audiences to the possibility of thinking and acting differently”

Kenneth Branagh, Actor & Film Director

  Katy Steward - Presentation    

Dr Katy Steward has worked to develop health leadership and culture for 15 years. She was formerly Senior Fellow and Head of Thought Leadership, at the Kings Fund and is regarded as one of the foremost practitioners of the NHS Culture Programme. An Anthropologist by training, Katy has worked on culture in many sectors, and has a deep interest in the evolution and practice of culture change in the NHS. With decades of experience of coaching, board and leadership development across different cultures Katy is a respected authority on culture change. She is on the NHSi Faculty for the Culture Programme and has been working closely with the culture change team in the Isle of Wight.



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