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Paediatric Resus (Hospital Staff)


Resuscitation Officers

Target Audience:

This is an Annual mandatory course for clinical staff employed by the Trust working with infants/children.


Staff are advised to wear comfortable cloting.

Course Length:

2 hours

KSF Links:

Core 3: Health, Safety & Security

Booking Contact:

Development & Training

Tel: 822099 ext: 4902

Email: developmentandtraining@iow.nhs.uk

Follow on Activity:

Immediate Life Suport (ILS) course

Paediatric Life Support (PLS) course

Programme Content:

  • Causes and recognition of cardiac arrest
  • Paediatric Basic Life Support
  • Use of pocket mask
  • Treatment of Choking
  • Recovery Position
  • Management of anaphylactic reactions


Learning Outcomes:

Following this course, participants will be able to recognise paediatric cardiac arrest, perform adult BLS using a pocket mask and initially treat anaphylactic reactions. 

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