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Vaccinator Training Programme

Again thank you for supporting the call to action to increase vaccinator capacity. If you are new to vaccinating here is the training programme.

If you are a competent vaccinator but need upskilling or a refresh to administer the Covid Vaccine you don’t need to do the IM injection, vaccine storage and administration modules. 

You need to be in date with your resus training, if not please complete the ESR Resus modules.  If there is space on RS06E over the next few weeks please also undertake that course in addition to the e-learning modules. This is bookable via ESR.  If there isn’t space the two e-learning modules will be adequate. 


Legal aspects of medicines administration (specifically administering Covid vaccine under a PGD or national protocol):

Slides 65-69 of Public Health England Covid-19 vaccination programme slide set

ESR Modules below – access through your ESR log in

Click here for how to guide 

Search for the following courses:

 Immunisation e-learning programme – 3 essential modules on ESR

  • 000 Core Knowledge for COVID-19 Vaccinators
  • 000 Vaccine Storage
  • 000 Vaccine Administration

 COVID-19 vaccine-specific e-learning programme on ESR

  • 000 COVID-19 Vaccine Pfizer-BioNTech(Comirnaty)

 Resuscitation and Anaphylaxis on ESR

  • 000 Resuscitation Adult Level 2
  • 000 Recognising and Managing Anaphylaxis
  • RS06E (if there is space)

 IM Injection on

Go to the login page:

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