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This page has been created as part of the Black History Month events running in the Oliveira Library.  As such, the main focus is on how white people can support their black colleagues and friends in the fight against racism. 


Listening to Black voices

Please use the following resources to develop your understanding of the issues faced by black and ethnic minority people.




Black Health

5 Dangerous Medical Myths That Hurt Black People | Race & Medicine | By Alicia A. Wallace

Navigating Chronic Illness and Black Womanhood | At The Intersection | By Taneasha White


Understanding the issues

Racial Gaslighting: Definition, Examples, and Impact

Microaggressions: What They Are and Why They’re a Big Deal | By Crystal Raypole



Taking Action

The following articles contain suggestions and helpful information for Allies and Activists.

10 Black-Led Organizations Battling Racism in the Health and Wellness World | 



We welcome suggestions for further resources and links to include on this page, please contact the Oliveira Library at


Page created: October 2022

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