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Patient Safety & Quality

Patient safety and providing high quality services is at the centre of everything we do in the NHS Trust. As such, to guide improvements the NHS Trust has a Long Term Quality Strategy underpinned by a key Quality Improvement Framework that explains our priorities and ambitions over the next 5 years, taking us to 2018/19. These outline how we want to make services better and how this will improve the overall patient experience. This scheme of work is overseen by the Quality and Clinical Performance Committee (NHS Trust Board sub-group). 

For 2015/16 the NHS Trust has set itself three quality priorities for action, these are: 

  • Reducing Incidence of Patient Harm (Patient Safety)
  • Improve the Discharge Planning Process (Effectiveness)
  • Improve End of Life Care

Quality Accounts
The NHS Trust publishes its Quality Accounts annually, tracking progress against a number of quality improvements and outlining priorities for the year ahead. It is an open and honest account of the quality for which the Trust Board is accountable. Our current Quality Account for 2013/14 can be downloaded by clicking here.

Isle of Wight’s NHS Trust's Quality Account, is designed to assure commissioners, patients and our local population that we provide the highest level of clinical care and continuously seek to improve what we do. This Quality Account has been developed with internal and external stakeholders and partner organisations, including clinicians and senior managers, commissioners from the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Local Authority and the Scrutiny Board for health and Wellbeing. This Quality Account has been approved by the Trust Board.

This report focuses on year 2013/14, tracking our progress over the past year against a number of quality improvements and outlining our priorities for the year ahead. It is an open and honest account of the quality of services for which the Trust Board is accountable. Although there has clearly been significant improvement, the Board remain dissatisfied with the current levels of patients developing Healthcare Acquired Pressure Ulcers (bed sores), and are therefore pleased to see this committed to the 2015/16 Quality Improvement Priorities.

The Trust Board is committed to the delivery of effective, safe and personal healthcare to every patient, every time.  This is underpinned by the Trust strategic goals, which are applied by all staff working at the Trust.

To view 2016 reports click here

To view 2015 reports click here

Quality Reporting 2017 is listed below

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