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Equality Impact Group

Embrace Diversity

With our commitment to the NHS Constitution, the Equality Impact Group is a group of committed people who are passionate about making a success of improving our equality and diversity performance, will give it their full commitment, and who, between them, have the ability to influence staff at all levels of the organisation.

The Equality Impact Group will report directly to the Human Resources & Organisational Development (HR&OD) Sub-Committee which is a Sub-Committee of the Performance Committee and Quality Committee and has no executive powers, other than those specifically delegated in these terms of reference.

The Equality Impact Group will provide assurance to the HR/OD Sub Committee via:


Strategic and Operational Responsibilities


1.    To support the development and delivery of the following strategies:

·         Workforce and Organisational Development Strategy

·         Equality and Diversity Strategy

·         Health and Wellbeing Strategy


2.    To support delivery of operational responsibilities:

·         Annual National Staff Survey

·         Quarterly FFT for Staff

·         Culture and Leadership Programme Work-streams

·         Speaking Up (Anti-Bullying Advisors and Freedom to Speak

          Up Advocates)

·         Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)

·         Equality Delivery System (EDS2) via Equality Standard

·         Gender Pay Gap

·         Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES from 2019).


Governance framework


The Equality Impact Group will ensure the HR/OD Sub-Committee is able to oversee the effectiveness of the Equality and Diversity Strategy and Action Plan and that the Trust responds positively to the legal, regulatory and commissioner requirements for equality and diversity.  This includes:

·         Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

·         Training including availability, compliance with and

          effectiveness of training.

·         Resource allocation including staffing and equipment

·         Systems and processes, include those relating to audits and


·         Compliance monitoring (legislation and best practice)

·         Performance measures.

·         Communication and engagement

·         Incident management and learning lessons

·         Review any internal and external audit or inspections and

          ensure that action planning occurs as appropriate.


diverse inclusive together

Equality Impact Group (EIG) Documents:

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