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Wight Life Partnership

Isle of Wight NHS Trust has a ground breaking strategic estates partnership agreement with Ryhurst to deliver a wide-ranging estates strategy that supports the Trust in the delivery of excellent patient care.

The Trust is the first non-Foundation Trust to enter into a 50:50 Joint Venture partnership with a private sector partner. By utilising the estate to its full potential in delivering the Trust’s clinical strategy it will support our aspirations to provide quality care for everyone every time and promote the integrated care pathways provided across the Island.

The Trust’s Clinical Strategy, developed in 2013 and early 2014 with contributions from many Island organisations, indicates that we will in the future focus services in three places – St. Mary’s Hospital, three community clinic Hubs and in people’s homes.   With changes in medical science and technology it is now possible to deliver many more treatments in or closer to a patient’s home and this means that some of the buildings at St. Mary’s – the older buildings including and south of the old Workhouse - will not be required in the future for the delivery of healthcare or as offices for support staff.

We have an excellent team of staff who help us maintain our buildings and land in the best possible condition.   Our Clinical Strategy requires changes to our buildings and land to enable us to deliver excellent services to our patients in the future.  To do this we have recognised that we need more expertise in the area of developing our estate and we also need access to investors who can put up the capital to enable us to make these changes to our Estate, as our current capital allocation will not be sufficient to make this happen.

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