Council of Governors

Governor Elections

Our elections are currently on-hold due to the pause in our Foundation Trust application.

What is the key role of a Governor?

 The key role of the governors is to ensure that the Non Executive Directors are reviewing, questioning and challenging the Executive Directors to make sure the trust is running as effectively and smoothly as a business. Keeping a watchful eye over how the trust is managed and being assured by the way they are delivering services is commonly known as ‘holding the board to account’.

Members aged 18 or over can stand as a Governor. Every member aged 11 and over can take part in elections to choose a Governor. The elections will help the Trust form a Council of Governors that represents its' members.

What sort of people become Governors?

 Public governors are generally local people who have an interest in healthcare and care about improving their local health services for the good of the whole community and who are keen to develop stronger links between the Trust and the community it serves. The Island is divided into three constituencies with a total of 15 public governors and a further 5 staff governors and 5 appointed governors.

Proposed Governors


North & East Wight


South Wight


West & Central Wight


Off Island Governor


NHS Volunteer Governor


Staff Governors (elected)


Appointed Governors – LA (must have)


Appointed Governors – CCG, Voluntary sector, Chamber of Commerce and Earl Mountbatten Hospice (choice)


Total of Council of Governors










What is the time commitment?

By law, the Council of Governors has to meet three times a year in public. However governors will need to meet more than this and you should expect between four and 12 meetings per year although some governors from elsewhere tell us that they get involved in many more.




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