What is an NHS Foundation Trust?

An NHS Foundation Trust:

  • Is part of the NHS.
  • Is answerable to patients, carers and local people who can become members and Governors, they will have even more of a say on how we do things.
  • Has more freedom to provide services which meet the needs of local people.
  • Still has to meet national standards for things like cleanliness and the quality of care.
  • Is overseen by a national body called Monitor which can intervene if it thinks that the organisation is failing.
  • Has more financial freedoms and can keep money to invest back into services.


Why an NHS Foundation Trust?
There are five good reasons to become an NHS Foundation Trust:

  1. Even more involvement of local people through membership - NHS Foundation Trusts are membership organisations. People like you can join as a member and help shape the future of our Trust and our services.
  2. Staff will also have more involvement - staff will have more opportunities to get involved in the direction of the Trust and will be able to stand for election as a staff Governor.
  3. More opportunities for services to innovate  - our staff, the people who use our services and carers often know how we can make our services even better. Whilst we have clear targets which we have to meet, becoming an NHS Foundation Trust will give us even more opportunity to innovate and introduce new things to provide the best services we can.
  4. More financial freedoms  - as an NHS Foundation Trust we will have more financial freedoms. This means that we can generate and retain a surplus each year for reinvestment. We will be able to decide locally the capital investment we need to improve our services.
  5. Well organised  - the process of preparing to be become an NHS Foundation Trust is very rigorous and involves us making sure that our organisation is delivering good quality care and is fit for purpose.

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