Our Vision and Future Plans

High quality care is our guiding principle.  Our vision is to be an excellent and trusted provider of integrated patient focussed services that are locally and globally admired. We will pursue greater integration – internally and with primary and social care – with a focus on the patient. Our strategic objectives are to:

  • Improve quality – by not only ensuring that the results of treatment and care (outcomes) are as good as the best achieved elsewhere; but by making sure that our patients, feel (and say) that we are treating them with compassion and dignity.
  • Deliver our integrated clinical strategy – ensuring that the various services we offer in hospital and in the community work closely together, so that care is provided as locally and smoothly as possible; and ensuring that our services are always organised to be safe and secure.
  • Improve our resilience (as an isolated provider) – by working with others, such as GPs, other NHS providers, the Council, local charities and the private sector, we will build on strengths and overcome the potential weaknesses of being a small and geographically isolated provider.
  • Improve productivity – ensuring we run as efficiently as possible, so that taxpayers’ money is spent as it should be – on improving patient care.
  • Develop our workforce – ensuring we develop our staff to have the skills to work flexibly across the Island, and to be ready for the challenges of working in tomorrow’s NHS.

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