Employee of the Month

**Employee of the month is currently paused. We are working on the process so we can come back bigger and better. We will let you know in due course when it will be back up and running. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Lucy Merrie Williams ws

August's Winner: Lucy Merry-Williams

Taking the time to say thank you or to recognise when someone has done a good job is really important.

Employee or Team of the Month is a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the hard work and achievements of your colleagues or that person or team that made a difference to you whilst using our services.

Our new Employee of the Month programme is designed to help celebrate success across the organisation and to recognise people who display our values.


Bringing our values to life

  • Have you seen or received excellent service from someone or an entire team at Isle of Wight NHS Trust?
  • Do you work with someone who demonstrates our values?
  • Has an individual or team gone the extra mile recently to support our vital services for the Island community?

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