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Tools and Resources

The following resources are intended to help our staff to develop, plan and undertake Quality Improvement work. 

Our Quality Improvement Framework (QIF) 

The Quality Improvement Framework (QIF) is an overarching document which draws together all initiatives that are currently underway within the Isle of Wight NHS Trust to improve quality of care. It provides a framework for delivery of these initiatives that will ultimately result in quality improvements for our patients and staff  


Driver diagram


Driver diagrams fit into an improvement process. Before starting a driver diagram it is important to be clear about your goal (e.g. to ‘reduce teenage pregnancy’ rates or ‘decrease fuel costs’). Driver diagrams help a team to explore the factors that they believe need to be addressed in order to achieve a specific overall goal show how the factors are connected act as a communication tool for explaining a change strategy and provide the basis for a measurement framework. Click here for more information about driver diagrams 


A 'how to' guide to the PDSA cycle 

Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles are an ideal quality improvement tool that can be used to test an idea by temporarily trialling a change and assessing its impact. You may find it useful to use this PDSA worksheet to document your work.




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