GS1 Global Standards

NHS England is moving towards a common barcode system for its supplies and is due to reach an important milestone soon for NHS Trusts to plan this journey.

 We have an exciting opportunity to realise the benefits which offer three main benefits, they improve patient safety, deliver stronger regulatory compliance and lead to operational efficiencies. GS1 can help the NHS save lives and save millions of pounds. It provides the foundation for integrated patient care, enabling global unique identification, whether it’s of a person, product or place. This information is valuable as it allows you to tie up every activity in the hospital, particularly around the patient journey, including everything that happens to that patient and who did it.

 Our Trust registered prefix number with GS1 is 50552370

 Please watch this short clip to help explain GS1:

Please see the link to the GS1 website:

Our Trust contact for GS1 is currently via email please to our if you have any queries.


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