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Invoice Queries

Payment and invoice queries are no longer dealt with on the Island.

Companies or suppliers with payment and invoice queries should contact:

Supplier email/contact form: NHS SBS - F&A Contact Form

Telephone:   0303 123 1177

As a valued supplier to the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, there are exciting new changes to our Purchase‐to‐Pay (P2P) process. Our processing partner, NHS Shared Business Services (SBS), has partnered with a company called Tradeshift to deliver an eInvoicing solution which will improve efficiency and invoice processing times.

For you as our supplier, this will mean:

Any invoices or credit notes previously sent by post to R1F PAYABLES F245 at the NHS SBS Wakefield address are now encouraged to be submitted electronically via the Tradeshift eInvoicing solution.

Not only will invoices be processed faster but you will also experience additional benefits:

  • Tradeshift is free to use
  • Upfront validation rules ensure correct invoice data entry upon submission resulting in an even quicker processing time and fewer invoice returns
  • A positive green agenda way of processing invoices decreasing carbon footprints by eliminating paper/postage costs/transport
  • If you currently use hard‐copy invoices, save money by eliminating cost due to postage, envelopes, printing and paper
  • Receive status updates on your invoice progress reducing the need to phone or e‐mail to enquire about your invoice

The Tradeshift platform offers a wide range of sending methods suitable for suppliers of all sizes. Once you create your Tradeshift account and request connections to the organisations you have invoiced via paper in the past, you need to decide which sending method is best for your company:

  • ‘Web Interface’: log onto your account and manually create invoices directly on the Tradeshift portal and press send! (ideal for suppliers sending a low volume of invoices a week)
  •  ‘Document Uploader Application’: upload an existing invoice document, which is verified through Cloud Scan (Tradeshift’s scanning software). Once verified (This can take up to 12 hours) it is sent back to you to confirm the document has been verification correctly and then press send!
  • File Transfer’ methods: Integrate your accounting system so that you are able to export trade document to submit via your Tradeshift account. These methods require some IT development work. The automated methods are ideal for suppliers sending large volumes of invoices. For further information on the automated sending methods please email Tradeshift support on:

If you have any queries regarding setting up your Tradeshift account, please contact or visit the Tradeshift website

Please note for account payables queries please continue to contact: 0303 123 1177 or email:

It is important to note this is the way we will conduct business with all of our suppliers. We would like to continue our relationship with your company, but we need your cooperation and willingness to accept this new transformation.

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust realises this initiative represents a major change for our suppliers. We value our relationship with your organisation and trust that you will do everything possible to make this initiative a success. We are confident that this initiative represents a win/win for both our organisations. Thank you in advance for your support.

If Tradeshift is not used then all Invoices and Credit Notes should be sent to the address below.

Isle of Wight NHS Trust

As the processing of all Invoices/Credit Notes is now centralised it is essential that the relevant Purchase Order Number is included on your invoice.  This will be provided to you when the order is placed.  If a Purchase Order is not received you must include on your invoice the:-

Trust Contact Name - this is the person who actually requested the Goods/Service.
Department - this must be reflected elsewhere in the body of the invoice.

If there is no Purchase order number or contact name/department the invoice may not be able to be processed in which case it will be returned to you unpaid.

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