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Current waiting times (average) Emergency Dept. (A&E): 180 minutes Emergency Dept. (children): 0 minutes Learn more about our waiting times

About our Emergency Department (A&E) wait time

On arrival to the Emergency Department (A&E), patients are assessed and triaged.

Our Emergency Department (A&E) wait time is approximate and provided for information purposes only.

The Emergency Department (A&E) wait time is updated every 15 minutes. The wait time provided, displays the amount of time (in hours and minutes) that it takes for a patient to see a doctor or registered nurse / specialist practitioner from the time of their arrival at the Emergency Department (A&E). This occurs after the patient is assessed and triaged.

The wait time displays the most current wait time based on the last rolling 60-minutes for all patients who are currently visiting our Emergency Department (A&E).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are other people being seen before me?
    In an emergency, the sickest patients will always be seen first. They will have been seen by a triage nurse first to determine the seriousness of each patient's illness and care for them accordingly.
  • Why are wait times always changing?
    The Emergency Department (A&E) demand can change quickly and dramatically. An incident such as a serious car accident can unexpectedly and significantly impact wait time.
  • What if my condition isn't a real emergency and I don't know where else to go?
    If your condition is not an immediate emergency you may have other options for care.

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