Community Mental Health

Dr Alexis Bowers, Lead Consultant Psychiatrist and Vicki Haworth, Clinical Team Lead for the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team gave a presentation on Acute Mental Health Care on the Island.

Alexis outlined the various mental health services on the Island including Operation Serenity, the collaboration between mental health practitioners and the police and the Island Recovery Integrated Service (IRIS) that offers treatment and support to those who misuse drugs and alcohol.

Information was given about the various therapies used for different forms of mental illness. These included treatments from different ends of the spectrum; Electro Convulsive Treatment, still being used today as an effective treatment for those suffering with severe depression to Mindfulness, a technique used to help people manage their thoughts and feelings and not become overwhelmed by them.

We were provided with an insight into the recently formed ‘virtual ’Acute Inpatient Assessment Unit. Formed in November 2015, the ‘unit’ is based at Sevenacres.  All patients that go to Sevenacres, either voluntarily or under section 2 of the Mental Health Act will be admitted to the virtual unit.  Each patient will have their needs assessed the next working day (along with input for their carers) and the aim of the unit is to return patients safely back to the local community, family and friends.

 At the last count, 50% of patients were able to be safely transferred back to the community within three days.

 Also outlined were the Mental Health Service Aspirations, which are as follows:

  • Patients and carers to have a good experience
  • Patients to receive safe care
  • To make patients better, i.e. for care to be clinically effective

The second half of the meeting saw Karen Baker, the Trust’s Chief Executive, inform us of the latest My Life a Full Life news. Karen discussed how care on the Island will be shaped around peoples’ individual needs and focus on keeping them healthy and happy through self-care.  Also highlighted was how the list of partners is growing, and now includes Town and Parish councils, One Wight Health (all 17 GP practices) and Hampshire Constabulary.

We were also notified of a visit to the Island by Sam Jones, who is the New Care Models Programme Director.  She was impressed with the energy and commitment here on the Island and has urged us to engage effectively with all of you.

The meeting concluded with a broad depth of questions and answers to the panel of Executive Directors.

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