Community Stroke Rehabilitation 28th September 2015

Community Stroke Rehabilitation

The Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team Specialists provided us with an insight into stroke and the service provided by the Community Stroke Rehabilitation team. It began with ‘what is Stroke’ and how to act ‘FAST’ if you suspect one is taking place: 


Facial Weakness


Arm Weakness


Speech Problems


Time to call 999

The presentation explained how the team is made up of various qualified therapists including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists in addition to the Stroke Nurse Specialists. Also detailed was how the team cover the whole of the Isle of Wight and provide a 7 day a week service.

A demonstration of therapy required to treat somebody presenting with sudden onset signs of a stroke was given.

Mary Barton, an Information, Advice and Support Coordinator from Stroke Association IOW also discussed the service and support that they provide alongside the Trust’s Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team.

Mary also hosted a presentation stand alongside Remap, a charity that makes custom equipment for people with disabilities, including stroke.

To conclude the meeting questions were put to the Executive Board of Directors.

If you would like a particular subject area covered at a future meeting please contact us on 01983-822099 ext. 5703 or e-mail

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