Becoming an Organ Donor

Organ Donation is the gift of an organ such as kidneys, heart, liver, lungs, pancreas and the small bowel while tissues donation is a gift of tissue such as corneas, heart valves, skin, bone, tendons and cartilage. Unlike organs it is possible to donate tissue up to 48 hours after a person has died.

Sadly, not all patients survive their illness. During this difficult time, a doctor or a nurse may approach the family and ask if their loved one ever expressed the wish to donate. It is usual for staff to check the organ donation register before discussing the patient’s wishes with the family.

Organ Donation

Sometimes, due to the nature of their illness, not all patients who have registered to donate will be able to do so. The staff on the unit and the specialist nurse organ donation will endeavour to answer any questions or concerns regarding donation.

Due to logistical reasons only corneas can be retrieved from donors on the Island.   

More information can be found on the NHS Blood and Transplant website.

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