Isle of Wight Mental Health Strategy

Mental Health Strategy

Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and partner agencies – Hampshire Constabulary, Isle of Wight Council (including social care and public health) and Isle of Wight NHS Trust have announced consultation on the Isle of Wight Mental Health Strategy. The consultation is seeking to establish what is needed over the next five years to ensure that Island residents have good mental health support, when required. This is being supported by the Island's Health and Wellbeing Board and the - 'My Life a Full Life' programme.

The Mental Health Strategy looks at mental health and wellbeing on the Island an in particular focuses on vulnerable groups such as looked after children, people with long term conditions, older people, people known to the justice system and veterans.   The strategy identifies three priorities:

  • Prevention and early intervention.
  • A focus on recovery.
  • Reducing the stigma and discrimination.

Writing in the forward about the Mental Health consultation Island GP and Chair of the CCG, Dr John Rivers says: “Mental Health is everyone’s business. It is estimated that one in four of us will experience a mental health problem and this will impact on families, friends, schools, work and communities.   Often the problem will not require specialist health services but to recover, the individual will need the support, help and Suunderstanding of their family, colleagues and the many excellent support groups on the Island.  As a general practitioner I know that good mental health and well-being are fundamental to physical health, relationships, education, training, work and to achieving our potential. The NHS has an important part to play but we can only help to reduce the inequalities in health and mental health if we work together on the Island to support the mental health outcomes for everyone.”

Your views are really important and we would really appreciate your comments and feedback. Comments on the Mental Health Strategy should be e-mailed to or sent to Mental Health Strategy, Isle of Wight Clinical Commisioning Group (CCG), Building A, The APEX, St. Cross Business Park, Newport, Isle of Wight,PO30 5XW.

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