Friends of St. Mary's Hospital

Who are we?
We are an official Charitable Body with an elected Board of Trustees and a group of volunteers working together with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

What do we do?
We run the Hospital Shop, the two Coffee Shops and the daily Ward Trolleys. Also, we have book sales, collecting boxes for loose change in the Hospital Foyer and collecting tins around the Island.

Friends of St Marys Hospital

Why do we do it?
To supplement the excellent service already provided by St Mary’s Hospital by financing extra facilities which enhance the lives of patients, staff and visitors alike. In recent years, the Friends of St. Mary's Hospital has provided much-needed equipment which has contributed to patient well-being, both during their stay in hospital and also in community care.

Since the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital, was founded, hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised. Approximately half a million pounds has been donated from the takings achieved by the volunteers since the year 2000.

How could you help?
By fundraising among your community and friends. You can choose what your donation will buy from a Wish List, or you can become a Member of the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital.

For more information and how you can get involved visit the Friends of St. Mary's Hospital:

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