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Chris Orchin
Chris Orchin - ‘A Kenyan Experience’
31 July 2018

An exhibition of photographs by Chris Orchin is on display in the Full Circle Exhibition space at St. Mary’s Hospital until 28th September.

The photos were taken by Chris Orchin during a four week voluntary placement as a teacher in Hope and Home, a school in Nanyuki, Kenya.

The mission of Hope and Home is to improve the lives of street, orphaned and destitute children who are in need of care, love, protection and to develop opportunities in an effort to empower the local community.

Mr Orchin said “For many years I had thought about travelling to Kenya but a simple holiday safari wouldn’t have felt right for me. Finally, towards the end of 2016 I made up my mind to go as a voluntary worker. With Projects Abroad I volunteered on their ‘seniors’ programme to work in Nanyuki which is located four miles north of the Equator. Projects abroad provide a variety of experiences for anyone from their teenage years upwards, in a wide range of activities across five continents.”

Mr Orchin continued “I found my time teaching both an eye-opener and personally rewarding. Whatever you put in is really appreciated as you both share different perspectives on life and whatever you put in is rewarded ten-fold. It would be nice if others could follow my footsteps, not necessarily in Kenya, although that would be good. In the meantime share some of my experiences by taking a look at my photos including those of the children I taught.”

To find out more about Hope and Home or working with Projects Abroad then meet with Chris Orchin at the exhibition on either Thursday 16th August or Monday 17th September from 10am – 3.30pm.

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