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Holly Rabbits
Apprenticeship scheme helps Holly land full-time Trust role
05 April 2018

A training and development programme providing career opportunities at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust has helped an apprentice secure a permanent role.

Holly Rabbits, 19, completed an advanced apprenticeship at the Trust and is now working full-time as a business support officer in the surgery, women’s and children’s health department.

Holly joined the Trust in December 2016 as a business administration apprentice and has gone on to gain permanent employment at St Mary’s Hospital.

Her colleagues supported her throughout the apprenticeship, during which she completed a Level 3 advanced apprenticeship framework in business and administration, equipping her for her current role.

In October 2017, Holly applied for a promotional position previously occupied by her line manager. She successfully secured the role, and is now working as a business support officer. To further her development at the Trust, Holly is now undertaking a Level 4 higher apprenticeship in business and professional administration. This is fully funded by the Trust’s apprenticeship levy.

Her new role means her day-to-day tasks include completing business cases, handling Freedom of Information requests for the business unit, organising meetings, taking on office management duties, as well as managing her colleagues’ diaries.

While undertaking her apprenticeship, an assessor from HTP Apprenticeship College, who supports the Trust, would visit once every six weeks to oversee Holly’s coursework. The rest of the time Holly was learning on the job, gaining invaluable experience and guidance which would prepare her for her current role.

Doing an apprenticeship at the Trust also gave Holly the opportunity to take part in both mandatory and voluntary training courses organised by the Trust and HTP Apprenticeship College, further contributing to her career development.

Holly said: “Doing an apprenticeship at the Trust is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was unsure of what I wanted to do while at school, but this scheme was really appealing as it gave me a career path with real training and development opportunities.

“I have learnt so much from my colleagues and would definitely recommend an apprenticeship at the Trust to anyone thinking about it. I would like to stay in this area of work and it’s great to know that my colleagues will support me as I progress within this field.”

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