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Calling all Knitters
02 October 2019

The IOW NHS Trust is appealing for knitters to help create blankets for people living with dementia whilst they are in hospital.

Blankets help patients, particularly those living with Dementia, to recognise their hospital bed and help provide a more homely feel in a normally clinical hospital ward. Having blankets on the bed will also help patients to see the edge of the bed more clearly when getting in and out and therefore reduce the risk of falls.

The scheme for comfort blankets has been tried and tested at other NHS hospitals and the IOW NHS Trust is keen to roll it out locally and trial the scheme on medical wards, Appley and Colwell.

The Trust is now looking for people to help knit or donate wool or new blankets. The blankets need to be brightly coloured or patterned and no more than 3ft wide. There is no restriction to length but to help reduce any risk of falls, shorter lengths would be preferable.

Due to infection control, the blankets are single-use items and will be taken home by the patient when they are discharged. They must be knitted using new wool, or if anyone is donating blankets they must be brand new.

People with dementia often have restless hands and like to have something to keep them occupied. The blankets (also known as sensory blankets or comfort blankets) can also provide a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation for those with dementia or even sight impairments. The blankets can have additional items stitched on with different shapes and textures.

Judy Dyos, Deputy Director of Nursing said “We have heard such positive outcomes from other NHS hospitals that are already providing blankets that we would like to offer the same to island patients.

Hospital wards can be very daunting for people living with dementia and we want to try anything that will help provide a more homely and relaxing environment.

We had such a great response when we asked if people were able to help knit us Twiddelmuffs that we are now asking if people would help and support us again, this time with knitted blankets. If you enjoy knitting we would be so grateful for your support.

If people would like to be a part of dedicated knitting group, please let us know; if we receive enough interest we will happily look into providing a knitting night so it can also become a social event for people too”

Any donations of knitted blankets, new blankets or donations of wool can be left at the main reception desk of St Mary’s Hospital, Newport.

For more information please do contact


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