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Isle of Wight Ambulance Service calls on defibrillator guardians to join ‘The Circuit’ and help save lives

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Isle of Wight Ambulance Service calls on defibrillator guardians to join ‘The Circuit’ and help save lives
29 June 2021

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust Ambulance Service has recently contacted all their known Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) guardians asking them to register their devices onto the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) National Defibrillator Network, ‘The Circuit’.

The IW Ambulance Service is grateful to the many PAD guardians that have already done so, but the IW Ambulance Service is now urging all remaining guardians to register ahead of the implementation of the new system.

PAD guardians should either follow the instructions in the email sent to them by the IW Ambulance Service or go directly to:

The planned implementation date for ‘The Circuit’ to be integrated into the IW NHS Trust Ambulance Service Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD) is Tuesday 20 July 2021.

When cardiac arrest strikes; the provision of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation can help double someone’s chances of survival. However, many defibrillators never get used because emergency services don’t know where they are, or how to access them.

That’s why they all need to be registered on ‘The Circuit’ - the national defibrillator network. It’s connected to every Ambulance Service in the UK and allows them to direct bystanders to the nearest defibrillator to help save lives.

Through ‘The Circuit’ PAD guardians can detail the specific location of their defibrillator and its accessibility. The Circuit also sends PAD guardians notifications to check the defibrillator, if it needs maintenance or if it has been deployed.

Although the IOW NHS Trust and other Ambulance Services already have defibrillator databases for their area - The Circuit will connect them together to provide a single national view.

Louise Walker, Ambulance Education, Training & Engagement Lead, said:

“Thank you so much to all our PAD guardians who have registered their defibrillators onto The Circuit. We now urgently need all remaining and new PAD guardians to please do so by accessing the BHF website and clicking the link ‘Join the Circuit’. Many of us have recently seen just how important it is to have a defibrillator immediately accessible, knowing a defibrillator location really could mean the difference between life or death.”


Photo: Laura (left) and Louise Walker, Ambulance Education, Training & Engagement Lead.

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